Creepy Finger Podcast 019 by The Badgers

The Badgers - Creepy Finger Podcast

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28 Weeks Later piano Intro
Arandel – In D#1  (IDOL)
Andrei OID – Pumpuri (Human Resources)
Aphex Twin Minipops 67 (Source Field mix) (Warp)
Ac3Falia – Living in cave (Groove Division)
Daniel Bortz – Steady Note (PastaMusik)
Shane Fontane & Vloon M – Fantasy & Ecstacy (Funk’n’Deep)
Stefano martini – Lady Lilith (Be One)
Daniel Dreier – Horny (Sender)
Paul haro – Can you feel it (1994 Music)
Fur Coat – Fading Away (Bpitch)
Philip bader – Funkey Feeling (Haiku 575 Remix) (This and That)
Eskuch / Nu Sky – Acid Jump (Hot Creations)
Dapayk solo – The Threshold (Tulipa)
Daphni – Ye Ye (Jialong)
Rolling – techno batman (B-Beat)
Dten – Yellow Shaped Bird (Maintaine Replay)
Loui Fernandez – Sarah (Refused)
The Badgers – Mars Attack (Nino Blink remix) (Creepy Finger)
Simone de Biasio – Music On (No Logik)
Da General – Joining of Forces (Johnny Fernando Remix) (Poolside)
Dan Curtin – Bassius (Transit)
Anton Pieete – DX Sunday (Rejected)
Transmuters – Econix (Nasimus)
OVR – Post Traumatic Son 5ben klock vibe Mix) (BluePrint)
Zule – In the Air (Minitree)
The Badgers – Track Title TBD (Unreleased)
Redhead – Hazcam (Alen Milivojevic) (Inlab Underground)
Orkestrated – be Quiet (Look alive)
Benavid & Diego Palacios – Amazonas (Boiler Underground)
Mute Solo – The Score (Clash & Splash)
The Badgers – Prince of Darkness (Creepy Finger)
Camroc – Shade 1 (GUI)
Arjun Vagale – It’s Like That (NYC mix) (Tronic)
Alessio Frino – Overflow (Reload)
Paperclip Project – Rumors (District Facility)
Blonde Redhead – Dripping (Asawa Kuru)


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