Original Motion Picture by The Badgers
Everything is allowed in art!

Imagine Dario Argento wrote and directed an episode of South park. Sounds good? In that case: We have good news for you!

PERFORMANIAX tells the story of Emily, an aspiring actress who wants to be part of great art. When the mysterious theater troupe “Performaniax” hires her to be in their avant-garde performance play, she’s over the moon. Until she realizes the deadly reality behind the pretentious facade of the cultish group …

“Everything is allowed in art!”

“Performaniax” is made up of three components: Satirical humor delivered by a quirky cast of talented newcomers, a 70-s inspired, colorful look and the devastatingly cool, moody soundtrack by electro-duo The Badgers. We’re incredibly lucky to have their music giving our movie its unique tone. Play it as loud as you can and dance to all the depravity!

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After 15 years of friendship and making music together , we are offering to all our beloved followers and fans who supported us all those years listening, sharing, dancing, coming to our gigs , this track which sum up a bit what we did first as djs and now as performer,liver.
Hope you’ll enjoy it , feel free to spread our love for the dark sounds to all your friends and contact, and again. Thanks for everything. Joel and Yannick

The Badgers - Creepy Finger Podcast

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/191551367″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=false” width=”100%” height=”100%” iframe=”true” /]


28 Weeks Later piano Intro
Arandel – In D#1  (IDOL)
Andrei OID – Pumpuri (Human Resources)
Aphex Twin Minipops 67 (Source Field mix) (Warp)
Ac3Falia – Living in cave (Groove Division)
Daniel Bortz – Steady Note (PastaMusik)
Shane Fontane & Vloon M – Fantasy & Ecstacy (Funk’n’Deep)
Stefano martini – Lady Lilith (Be One)
Daniel Dreier – Horny (Sender)
Paul haro – Can you feel it (1994 Music)
Fur Coat – Fading Away (Bpitch)
Philip bader – Funkey Feeling (Haiku 575 Remix) (This and That)
Eskuch / Nu Sky – Acid Jump (Hot Creations)
Dapayk solo – The Threshold (Tulipa)
Daphni – Ye Ye (Jialong)
Rolling – techno batman (B-Beat)
Dten – Yellow Shaped Bird (Maintaine Replay)
Loui Fernandez – Sarah (Refused)
The Badgers – Mars Attack (Nino Blink remix) (Creepy Finger)
Simone de Biasio – Music On (No Logik)
Da General – Joining of Forces (Johnny Fernando Remix) (Poolside)
Dan Curtin – Bassius (Transit)
Anton Pieete – DX Sunday (Rejected)
Transmuters – Econix (Nasimus)
OVR – Post Traumatic Son 5ben klock vibe Mix) (BluePrint)
Zule – In the Air (Minitree)
The Badgers – Track Title TBD (Unreleased)
Redhead – Hazcam (Alen Milivojevic) (Inlab Underground)
Orkestrated – be Quiet (Look alive)
Benavid & Diego Palacios – Amazonas (Boiler Underground)
Mute Solo – The Score (Clash & Splash)
The Badgers – Prince of Darkness (Creepy Finger)
Camroc – Shade 1 (GUI)
Arjun Vagale – It’s Like That (NYC mix) (Tronic)
Alessio Frino – Overflow (Reload)
Paperclip Project – Rumors (District Facility)
Blonde Redhead – Dripping (Asawa Kuru)


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Just listen and Download the Dj set Broadcasted on Kittikun Minimal Radio

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/98324790″ params=”color=000000&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


Tracklist : 
Bredes Fernando – Carregado de Mim (Groove Division)
Nino Blink – The Alchemist (The Badgers Remix) (Creepy Finger Recordings)
Miro Pajic – Chique Sick  (Andy Martin Remix) (LazerSlut)
Club Bizarre – La mort du petit cheval (Chloe’s Opel Late Mix) (Days Of Being Wild)
Damolh33 – Compliment (Terry Whyte Remix) (Creepy Finger Recordings)
TYf – When I See Her (Juliett Remix) (Schinocs music)
Microesfera – Double soul (Mischievous Musique)
Juan Carlos Herrera – Nobody Knows (matias Rivero Remix) (Wild things Box Recordings)
Samuel L Session – Distant Piano (Klap Klap Records)
Dapayk – Green Noise (Mo’s Ferry)
Delta Funktionen – Redemption (Delsin Records)
Flug – Mental Disorder (Sleaze Records)
Planetary Assault Systems – Turn (Mote Evolver)
The Badgers & Damolh33 – They Live (Johannes Heil’s Pitch Black Treatment) (Creepy Finger Recordings)
Mark Broom – Eye (Bek Audio)
Da Carrot – Angels of Darkness (Dancefloor Killers)
Al Ferox – I love Satan (The Horrorist Remix)
Max Cooper – Walls (Traum)
Cross my Heart – Miracles (Alpha Pup)

Enjoy !

If you lump together horror movies, fetish, Alsatian charm and impressive passion for music, it may look like the producer duo THE BADGERS. On the stage it appears in terms of two dark-dressed statures, who like to act out their anonymity behind masks and handle the machines delicately.

After first contact at highschool in 2000, a close friendship between Yannick and Joel began – soulmates, whose connection is based on the deep love to the music. Always the same 6 vinyl records were the basic of the lessons in Joel’s garage, before a long lasting residency in an Eastern French house bar has started. Self-organised events in various locations and the desire for realization of their personal musical ideas followed. Crowned with success!

Even a work-related territorial separation between Stuttgart (Joels current home) and Shanghai haven’t prevented to reach some No.1 chart positions within a short time. Until their first release in 2009, it took less than one year. With the “Deep Dark Mood EP” on Creepy Fingers Rec., as well the “Frozen Nipple EP” on Killing Machine Rec., they climbed to the top of the Beatport Minimal Charts in 2012. Mostly as Live-Act, they are touring since there in European clubs and follow principles like not playing unreleased tracks. Nevertheless, not even one performance sounds like the other, as they play and mix the loops and patterns from their tracks spontaneously – and always with a surprise effect.

May you call them musical landscape painters. Foggy valleys are built through melancholic and romantical sounds, where fantasy creatures and monsters are shaped. In their imagination, black and red light reflections swirl around. But the most meaningful influence pulsates around the gothic theme and comes from the fetish universe. The weakness for sadomasochism and bondage gears is hardly mistakable. The musical structures tough are largely grounded on the puristic loop culture of German minimal and techno. Typically as well, industrial and mechanic sounding elements go along, no less than French Electro.

Obviously many other artists are impressed by their diverse influencies, so the list of remixed producers and remixers gets more and more extended. This queue is leaded by producers like Johannes Heil, Patrick Lindsey, Danton Eeprom, Miro Pajic, Re:Axis, Andy Martin, Octave and more. The suitable voice to the dark sounds is often contributed by Berlin based artist Mz Sunday Luv. No wonder that their tracks meanwhile are frequently supported by acts like Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce, Jennifer Cardini, Slam, Luciano etc.