A Dark Narrative Music

Melodic Techno Minimal Music

This is how The Badgers are making Techno:
Welcome dear animals lovers ūüėÄ

here some

narative techno

dark music

for your ears. We are defining our musical universe as dark as groovy.¬†When we are seeing back over our shoulders, we are thinking naturally of our evolution in the techno scene. Some words like Electro, House, Drum & Bass, Break Beat, Schranz, Hardcore hit back our heads to remind us that our influences aren’t only made of Techno music. Our open mind way to produce comes from so many hours to listen passionately so many different kind of music from Funk to Bat Cave, from House to Hardcore, from Heaven to Hell… ¬†We are hoping, that our music will bring you on the dancefloor. Just listen and enjoy!


We are liver since 2008. We found interessant to play our

techno music

tracks directly front of the audience. It’s the best feedback when we can move the crowd with our productions.

On our Soundcloud page we are uploading often free music to say thank you to our followers. Every time that we are recording a live, we have in mind to publish it for our audience and after 2 or 3 weeks we unlock the download function.


We are every time open to work and create something new and share our

techno music

with different kind of artists. We are thinking that’s the best way to grow and develop our creativity.



We consider the labels, which we are use to work with, as family. It’s not just a way to publish our

melodic techno

or our

minimal music

, it’s some people¬†with whom we are loving to share our experiences, our discoveries. Music is a human approach.

Actually we are working a lot on Podcasts and Dj Sets. For us it’s the only way to share about the artists that we like. Most of our Podcasts are tribute to creative people we are listening¬†endlessly.