A Dark electronic Music Release – Wallaby Flesh Ep (Alien Abduction Records)

Alen Abduction Records is presenting our New Dark electronic Music Release, Based on 3 original tracks.

  • Chapel Street
  • Killing Time
  • Victorian Opera

For those who already partying in Melbourne, these Titles might sounds Familiar. Chapel Street is the Nightclub Scene heart of Melbourne. Killing Time the Small Berlin Piece lost in the middle of the clean and Proper Australian City. And of course, we don’t need to explain the Victorian Opera reference you all know.

When we Played in Melbourne (see The Badgers Australia Tour ) , we had some free time to work on some ideas in our hotel Room, and we reused here all those elements taken from our trip. Finally, the 3 tracks here have been started to be produced in Australia. Therefore we wanted to make that release sounding Aussies.

listening this Dark electronic Music Release

Where can you get it ?

So, for Djs not yet in our Promo pool, feel free to Contact us here

And for those who want to get it on Beatport : it’s here

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Propose and Win

Dear Fans and followers, here is a little game for you. We sometimes both fighting a lot to get a nice name for a song. What is a nice name for us ?  Either making the track instantly recognizable, or mystic or funny. Usually we are getting from horror movies references (Giallo, Cabin Fever, Prine of Darkness) to absurd things (Mary poppers , Japanese linzer Torte , Under the Bidet ) through gothic esoterism delirium (Mournful Insanity, exploring cartilage, Fallen Angel ).


So what ?

We just finished a song , and we would like you to help us to find a nice track name.  How to do it ? First listen the Youtube Video. Then send us your proposal, directly by email (weare@thebadgers.eu) or on our youtube / Facebook Page.

Youtube Facebook

Find the Titel Now !


Thank You so so much.

we’ll announce the Winner july the 20th. Here but also on our facebook page.

Joel & Yannick.

Get some new mp3 music from The Badgers:

Also, here are finally the mp3 Releases available on Beatport, for the Month of March 2017.

you can find us with two appearance in two compilations:

Enjoy !

Badgers compilation mp3 music
Out Of The Grave Memnok Remix* The Badgers Memnok Sophisticated Tech Lines
Minimal / Deep Tech D min 2017-03-29 €1.56

Badgers compilation mp3 music
Badgers compilation
Mr Smith Bredes Fernando Remix** The Badgers Bredes Fernando Complex Textures
Minimal / Deep Tech >A♯ min 2017-03-17 €2.17
*The Badgers - Out of the Grave Ep (Beat'em'up Records) Preview, Including Remixes from Re:Axis , Memnok, Dj From The Crypt & Pascal Brody.
First Tracklist
 1 Out Of The Grave (Original Mix) 7:07
 2 Out Of The Grave (Re:Axis'Acid Soul Remix) Remix – Re:Axis 6:45
 3 Out Of The Grave (Memnok Remix) Remix – Memnok 7:26
 4 Out Of The Grave (DJ From The Crypt Remix) Remix – Dj From The Crypt 7:37
 5 Out Of The Grave (Pascal Brockly Remix) Remix – Pascal Brockly 7:11

**Tous – EP
The Badgers 1. September 2012
Dance/Electronic 2012 Perception Corp
Second Tracklist
1 Gargoyles 7:19
2 Mr Smith 7:56
3 Mr Smith (Bredes Fernando Remix) 7:56
4 O Tiny Blacksmith 7:10
5 Tous 11:06

Because Mr Smith was inspired by this quote:
Agent Smith: There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern.Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.

After 15 years of friendship and making music together , we are offering to all our beloved followers and fans who supported us all those years listening, sharing, dancing, coming to our gigs , this track which sum up a bit what we did first as djs and now as performer,liver.
Hope you’ll enjoy it , feel free to spread our love for the dark sounds to all your friends and contact, and again. Thanks for everything. Joel and Yannick

The Badgers - Creepy Finger Podcast

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/191551367″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=false” width=”100%” height=”100%” iframe=”true” /]


28 Weeks Later piano Intro
Arandel – In D#1  (IDOL)
Andrei OID – Pumpuri (Human Resources)
Aphex Twin Minipops 67 (Source Field mix) (Warp)
Ac3Falia – Living in cave (Groove Division)
Daniel Bortz – Steady Note (PastaMusik)
Shane Fontane & Vloon M – Fantasy & Ecstacy (Funk’n’Deep)
Stefano martini – Lady Lilith (Be One)
Daniel Dreier – Horny (Sender)
Paul haro – Can you feel it (1994 Music)
Fur Coat – Fading Away (Bpitch)
Philip bader – Funkey Feeling (Haiku 575 Remix) (This and That)
Eskuch / Nu Sky – Acid Jump (Hot Creations)
Dapayk solo – The Threshold (Tulipa)
Daphni – Ye Ye (Jialong)
Rolling – techno batman (B-Beat)
Dten – Yellow Shaped Bird (Maintaine Replay)
Loui Fernandez – Sarah (Refused)
The Badgers – Mars Attack (Nino Blink remix) (Creepy Finger)
Simone de Biasio – Music On (No Logik)
Da General – Joining of Forces (Johnny Fernando Remix) (Poolside)
Dan Curtin – Bassius (Transit)
Anton Pieete – DX Sunday (Rejected)
Transmuters – Econix (Nasimus)
OVR – Post Traumatic Son 5ben klock vibe Mix) (BluePrint)
Zule – In the Air (Minitree)
The Badgers – Track Title TBD (Unreleased)
Redhead – Hazcam (Alen Milivojevic) (Inlab Underground)
Orkestrated – be Quiet (Look alive)
Benavid & Diego Palacios – Amazonas (Boiler Underground)
Mute Solo – The Score (Clash & Splash)
The Badgers – Prince of Darkness (Creepy Finger)
Camroc – Shade 1 (GUI)
Arjun Vagale – It’s Like That (NYC mix) (Tronic)
Alessio Frino – Overflow (Reload)
Paperclip Project – Rumors (District Facility)
Blonde Redhead – Dripping (Asawa Kuru)


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