Beatport Releases March 2017

Get some new mp3 music from The Badgers:

Also, here are finally the mp3 Releases available on Beatport, for the Month of March 2017.

you can find us with two appearance in two compilations:

Enjoy !

Badgers compilation mp3 music
Out Of The Grave Memnok Remix* The Badgers Memnok Sophisticated Tech Lines
Minimal / Deep Tech D min 2017-03-29 €1.56

Badgers compilation mp3 music
Badgers compilation
Mr Smith Bredes Fernando Remix** The Badgers Bredes Fernando Complex Textures
Minimal / Deep Tech >A♯ min 2017-03-17 €2.17
*The Badgers - Out of the Grave Ep (Beat'em'up Records) Preview, Including Remixes from Re:Axis , Memnok, Dj From The Crypt & Pascal Brody.
First Tracklist
 1 Out Of The Grave (Original Mix) 7:07
 2 Out Of The Grave (Re:Axis'Acid Soul Remix) Remix – Re:Axis 6:45
 3 Out Of The Grave (Memnok Remix) Remix – Memnok 7:26
 4 Out Of The Grave (DJ From The Crypt Remix) Remix – Dj From The Crypt 7:37
 5 Out Of The Grave (Pascal Brockly Remix) Remix – Pascal Brockly 7:11

**Tous – EP
The Badgers 1. September 2012
Dance/Electronic 2012 Perception Corp
Second Tracklist
1 Gargoyles 7:19
2 Mr Smith 7:56
3 Mr Smith (Bredes Fernando Remix) 7:56
4 O Tiny Blacksmith 7:10
5 Tous 11:06

Because Mr Smith was inspired by this quote:
Agent Smith: There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern.Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.