Original Motion Picture by The Badgers
Everything is allowed in art!

Imagine Dario Argento wrote and directed an episode of South park. Sounds good? In that case: We have good news for you!

PERFORMANIAX tells the story of Emily, an aspiring actress who wants to be part of great art. When the mysterious theater troupe “Performaniax” hires her to be in their avant-garde performance play, she’s over the moon. Until she realizes the deadly reality behind the pretentious facade of the cultish group …

“Everything is allowed in art!”

“Performaniax” is made up of three components: Satirical humor delivered by a quirky cast of talented newcomers, a 70-s inspired, colorful look and the devastatingly cool, moody soundtrack by electro-duo The Badgers. We’re incredibly lucky to have their music giving our movie its unique tone. Play it as loud as you can and dance to all the depravity!

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