A Melodic Techno Release – Running Man Ep (Creepy Finger Records)

Creepy Finger Records is presenting our New Melodic Techno thing, with 2 original tracks from us and 2 fantastic remix from wellknown Duet Insect Elektrika and Occer.
Melodic Techno - The Badgers - Running Man Ep

  • Running Man
  • Running Man (Insect Elektrika Remix)
  • Become A Star
  • Become A Star (Occer Remix)

First, Running Man is inspired by the dystopian vision and subtle eye for detail of Paul Michael Glaser’s classic 80s thriller. A nod to one of the The Badgers’ favourite films, where vintage synths provide the soundtrack to futuristic TV violence, cheap choreography, and muscles.

Then, Become A Star is a poignant title. In today’s media-dominated world, some risk everything as they strive for fame. This track is a tribute to good friend and member of the Freiburg techno family, Aaron; who was sadly taken too soon. Aaron’s star shines on.

Do you want to see how it look likes

Because maybe not all of you have already seen the Movie which is the base of our inspiration, we created a Youtube preview to introduce to you the universe of this Thriller.
It shows a bit the vision of a modern and ultra violent “bread and games” for the Future, where killing or be killed on television is a Lifetime Achievement. Based on a science fiction novel by Stephen King, first published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman in 1982, we love both this book and the Movie so much.

So, here is the Youtube Preview (https://youtu.be/MAtz9uq-1mM)

just listening this Melodic Techno Release

Where can you get it ?

So, for Djs not yet in our Promo pool, feel free to Contact us here

And for those who want to get it on Beatport : it’s here

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