Propose and Win

Dear Fans and followers, here is a little game for you. We sometimes both fighting a lot to get a nice name for a song. What is a nice name for us ?  Either making the track instantly recognizable, or mystic or funny. Usually we are getting from horror movies references (Giallo, Cabin Fever, Prine of Darkness) to absurd things (Mary poppers , Japanese linzer Torte , Under the Bidet ) through gothic esoterism delirium (Mournful Insanity, exploring cartilage, Fallen Angel ).


So what ?

We just finished a song , and we would like you to help us to find a nice track name.  How to do it ? First listen the Youtube Video. Then send us your proposal, directly by email ( or on our youtube / Facebook Page.

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Find the Titel Now !

Thank You so so much.

we’ll announce the Winner july the 20th. Here but also on our facebook page.

Joel & Yannick.