A Dark electronic Music Release – Wallaby Flesh Ep (Alien Abduction Records)

Alen Abduction Records is presenting our New Dark electronic Music Release, Based on 3 original tracks.

  • Chapel Street
  • Killing Time
  • Victorian Opera

For those who already partying in Melbourne, these Titles might sounds Familiar. Chapel Street is the Nightclub Scene heart of Melbourne. Killing Time the Small Berlin Piece lost in the middle of the clean and Proper Australian City. And of course, we don’t need to explain the Victorian Opera reference you all know.

When we Played in Melbourne (see The Badgers Australia Tour ) , we had some free time to work on some ideas in our hotel Room, and we reused here all those elements taken from our trip. Finally, the 3 tracks here have been started to be produced in Australia. Therefore we wanted to make that release sounding Aussies.

listening this Dark electronic Music Release

Where can you get it ?

So, for Djs not yet in our Promo pool, feel free to Contact us here

And for those who want to get it on Beatport : it’s here

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From the record store to the Studio

At the beginning we were only DJs and we used to play vinyl records and cds. Now we are working as producers but we never forget from where we are coming from. Our Nickname is from this time, our influences are from this time. During this period, it was played loud with high tempo, it was dark, it was the techno music of 2000.
The fact that at this time the electronic music was less segmented brought us with a certain nostalgia to create our first album production with all these atmospheres. Based nowadays on Stuttgart and Frankfurt in Germany, we are still searching for the perfect Label for this project… And we still have the dream that one day we will release on vinyl records.

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The Badgers

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Just listen and Download the Dj set Broadcasted on Kittikun Minimal Radio


Tracklist : 
Bredes Fernando – Carregado de Mim (Groove Division)
Nino Blink – The Alchemist (The Badgers Remix) (Creepy Finger Recordings)
Miro Pajic – Chique Sick  (Andy Martin Remix) (LazerSlut)
Club Bizarre – La mort du petit cheval (Chloe’s Opel Late Mix) (Days Of Being Wild)
Damolh33 – Compliment (Terry Whyte Remix) (Creepy Finger Recordings)
TYf – When I See Her (Juliett Remix) (Schinocs music)
Microesfera – Double soul (Mischievous Musique)
Juan Carlos Herrera – Nobody Knows (matias Rivero Remix) (Wild things Box Recordings)
Samuel L Session – Distant Piano (Klap Klap Records)
Dapayk – Green Noise (Mo’s Ferry)
Delta Funktionen – Redemption (Delsin Records)
Flug – Mental Disorder (Sleaze Records)
Planetary Assault Systems – Turn (Mote Evolver)
The Badgers & Damolh33 – They Live (Johannes Heil’s Pitch Black Treatment) (Creepy Finger Recordings)
Mark Broom – Eye (Bek Audio)
Da Carrot – Angels of Darkness (Dancefloor Killers)
Al Ferox – I love Satan (The Horrorist Remix)
Max Cooper – Walls (Traum)
Cross my Heart – Miracles (Alpha Pup)

Enjoy !